My new favorite phrase that I will probably never say:

For fuck's sake!

As in: For fuck's sake it's been five years!

Thanks, SLM. I'm going to laugh for days about that one.

Anyone else have one for me?


My beaver.

Woodrow teased the internet with a picture, so here it is. Sorry PETA.

Sorry Heather, but that's Buc-ee's dad. We'll see if there are any other stupid enough to venture into our waiting snares. Yes, W, snares. I promise to tell you all about it.


In the off chance I'm not the only one who cares:

There is, what appears to be, a new Men In Trees tonight. I'm stoked.

...In with the new

In November, my beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee turned seven years old. When I say "beloved", I mean, I've had a lot of great roadtrips and laughs in that car but it's really been a piece of shit. Therefore, I will never buy another Chrysler product again. I don't care if Mercedes revamps the entire effing product line. I tell you that to tell you this: I am this close---> to buying a new car. A Toyota. A Camry, to be exact. Personally, I can't see myself as a Camry owner, but I guess I'll have to get used to the idea. It gets great gas mileage, which is what I really need right now as I spent $350 effing dollars last month on gas. Holy WOW, Batman. So, I'm really looking forward to that part.

I had the car all picked out here in Tyler. Yesterday, as I'm waiting for the salesman to call me back with a price, I noticed it was no longer on the website. Gone. I soon confirmed that they sold it. Last I heard, he found me one in MISSOURI that I can HOPEFULLY take possession of SOMETIME IN THE NEXT MONTH. It shouldn't take that long, but that's how I feel. I went in and signed the paperwork last night, left them $1000 of good faith money and left to have a large beer with dinner. I hate this process, even though it's easier because I'm part of a "program" which eliminates the haggle. My cost is $150 over dealer invoice- which is who knows how much over what they really paid. Just once I'd like the TRUTH about car dealerships. They're just so.... dirty. Even though I really like my sales guy, I know he pulled a fast one on the apprasial of my POS. But that's a story not worth repeating.

Update: I just talked to him and he's found one in Dallas that has $375 worth of "extras". I told him to give me a final price and call me back. I hate this shit.

Update part deaux: The car is enroute.

So anyway, hopefully sometime in the near future you'll be able to see me cruising around in one of these. And cruise I will.


Because we all love pictures

This weekend proved to be another with lovely sunshiney afternoons. Only pictures can do it justice.

This is a hole that was dug by what we can only assume are nutra-rats. This is no ordinary hole, but one that has puntured the dam in the pond and has drained about a foot and a half of water since the last time we were there. Said (four acre) pond also just got three inches of rain in the last week which promptly drained. Talk about PISSED! Along with the nutra problem, there's also a beaver problem. They've dammed up the creek which runs behind the pond and have a very distinctive trail beaten down from the creek to the pond where I'm sure they're dining on the freshest of fish. I can happily report that one of the beaver bitches is now dead, thanks to a snare. Two and a half feet tall and at least 40lbs. Now that's some serious tree gnawing.

At the end of Saturday, I was giving my hook one last chance and C was looking for one last turtle to murder. Next thing I knew, my cork exploded. Below is his idea of a "joke".

On the way to the beer store after leaving my mom's, we saw this lovely burned out trailer. What you may not see in the first picture is the FOR SALE SIGN. Sometimes, I'm baffled by the things I see. (To their defense, it does come with 3.2 acres.)

And here is the end of another beautiful weekend.


Nothing nauseating, I promise.

Happy Valentine's Day, Internet. Even if you don't have the kind of love you want, please know that you ARE loved. By someone, anyway...


Babies beware!

I'm so stocking up on these! (Click the graphic for more info)


I must say, I'm pretty proud of the Beagle taking best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. After all, isn't he the cutest?

HERE are pictures of the other winners. I'm sure my Shiner would've blown them all out of the water. Riiiiiiight.

I stopped and got donuts this morning for work. I can't tell you the last time I had a donut-- wait, yes I can, it was the week before Christmas. Anyway, I digress. I LOVE blueberry cake donuts the best and the little shop I stopped at had them! Hooray! I seriously must join a gym.

I don't enjoy Bob Dylan doing Bob Dylan. I enjoy other people singing his songs, I just can't get into him. I have some friends who are STOKED about seeing him in concert and I am very happy for their excitement, but, I'm equally as glad that I wasn't invited. :)

The procrastination of my boyfriend and I continues. We failed to get dinner reservations for Valentines day. Last year, he attempted to place an order for roses THE DAY BEFORE VALENTINE'S DAY. This year, he called for reservations yesterday, but it was still too late. Maybe by next year we'll have our proverbial shit together and actually do everything we're supposed to do on the correct day. But, we're still going out for a nice dinner this weekend. I shouldn't complain, should I?

It's cold again. Bah.

I need a haircut again. Double bah.

Oh yeah:

Happy hump day, y'all.



On a day like today, I sure miss my parking garage in Dallas. And a garage at my apartment wouldn't be a bad thing either.


You and me goin' fishin' in the dark...

Well, maybe not in the dark, but we tore up some white perch and bass in my mom's pond (and we put them all back.. well, all but one). Here I thought all she had were catfish. We took the pups, packed some beer, bought some minnows and away we went. I can't think of a better way to have spent such a beautiful Saturday afternoon. We pushed our luck and tried to make it two days in a row, but we didn't have any minnows and the fish were fickle. So, we shot turtles instead. Well, C shot them and I missed a lot. Behold.. my handsome man, some purty fish and a gorgeous day.



A shooting in Louisiana, a shooting in Missouri and an explosion in Georgia-- man, what is going on in this country?! We can't even blame it on a full moon.

I can't believe it's practically Valentine's day already. I repeated last year's gift and got Ranger's opening day tickets. Yes, it's not til April, but who's counting. Section 17, row 8, bitches. It's on the third base side, but who cares. We had such a good time last year even though it was overcast and cold. This year, it's on a Tuesday which will surely screw up the entire week, but maybe we'll take two days off.

It's the end of a very stressful week here at work. I deleted some muy importante recs off our network drive on Monday which caused me a near heart attack until they were restored yesterday morning. This was also my first month to go through the month end process on my own. I think I did horribly and should be fired, but my boss said I did great. What a Positive Polly she is!

I have no plans for the weekend. Maybe Brandon Rhyder in Nacogdoches or steaks at my mom's. There's a club here in Tyler that is booking lots of OKOM. I saw earlier in the week that Mr. McClure will be here on March 1 and during one week in April, I get the Motorcars AND Adam Hood. Hooray!

I'm ready for Mexico. I don't know when it's happening, but you can bet your boots that I'll be there. Barmaid, play me some Buffett...


Go if you can.

You all know how I love me some Mike McClure (and his beautiful wife!). Recently, their darling daughter, Marleigh, had surgery to remove a tumor- which thankfully, ended up benign. Below is the link to the information for a benefit being planned for the family on Sunday, March 2 at the good ol Wormy Dog Saloon in OKC. Cross Canadian Ragweed, Stoney Larue, Scott Evans... *sigh* It's enough to make me want to drive to Oklahoma. Don't put it past me either. I just might do it.


Out with the old...

It's a new month, folks.

I just read June's blog about it and I actually had to look at the calendar to confirm January was indeed gone. I didn't do a year in review for 2007 because, frankly, I'm lazy. But January has certainly been a month. Not in a bad way, just in a... way.

Remember that nothing I was talking about? The nothing was something, but it's nothing again. That's all the details your gonna get for now. There is, however, another something that isn't nothing, but that I can't tell you just yet. I'm such a tease.

It's been a rollercoaster of a month. Mostly up and up and up with a little dip. Enough to make you lose your tummy, but not enough to slow your momentum. Not to say it hasn't been hard, but I Will Survive, ala Gloria Gaynor.

Let's see. What else can I update you with...
  • I have been SICK this week. And by sick, I mean fever, coughing and that lovely stuff that you have the pleasure of coughing up-- IF you're so lucky. I went to the doctor yesterday (which is another story in and of itself) and was diagnosed with bronchitis and a sinus infection. So, I'm on day two of my Z-pack and actually slept the whole night. Monday and Tuesday night, I was up for at least an hour each night trying to bring my fever down. I stayed home from work on Tuesday and went home two hours early on Wednesday. Here's to healing and antibiotics!
  • I owe my old apartment complex $473, which is rent through Dec. 19. The new tenant moved in the next day, lucky me!
  • I'm going to do my taxes this weekend, so hopefully the refund amount will make me smile.
  • My camera should be delivered today. I'll go get it during lunch or maybe I'll leave early.. it just depends on when it comes.
  • I got new cell phone service, a new number and a new phone. I switched from "The New At&t" (Cingular) to Alltel which services East Texas very, very well. I even have a signal in the building at work now! I haven't tried talking on it yet, but I can at least send texts. So, hopefully I'll be more in touch now. If I didn't send you my new number and you need it, email me.

Happy Friday, everyone. What are your plans for Superbowl Sunday, aka the end to the Patriot's perfect season? And please don't misconstrue that statement to mean I'm a Pat's fan. I'm not. I'm sick of Tom Brady and Hoodie and the whole damn cheating organization. But, it is an excuse to drink beer.