Because it's Thursday (and I was asked)...

This is silly, but the hardest part of posting pictures is downloading the darn things from the camera.  I'll snap photos and then put the camera down and even though it take less than a minute or two, I'll put off downloading them.  Why?  I have no idea other than it's a chore and I flat don't like chores.

But, because I was asked by the lovely Scottie, whose hair I covet, I made an exception and did my "chore" today.  :)

There's been lots of nakedness in our house lately, as Carter is potty training.  He does great and hasn't had any accidents except that time C was tickling him and he said, "Oh no!  My tee-tee!"-- he dripped a little on C but then ran to his potty and finished the job.  He's also going on the potty at school, but he's also wearing diapers full time.  Should I just make the leap to underwear?  What's the next step?

Cooper's still not crawling.  In the last month, we've had a double ear infection and he's thisclose to cutting his two front teeth.  I just know when he's feeling good again, he's going to take off.  Or not.  Whatever.  Just as long as he starts sleeping past 5:30am!!

My beautiful water bug.

Carter and his Moo making meatballs.

Who needs to crawl when all you have to do is reeeeeeeach?

My baby.