Since my child was diagnosed on Wednesday with his second double-ear infection of 2010, this is what my (four day) weekend consisted of:

And there was snow, too.  And did I mention he's cutting three molars at the moment? Hopefully I'll manage to post some of those soon.  I am SUCH a procrastinator!  Actually, when I get home, my priorities completely swap.  I cram as much time with Carter into his few remaining waking hours as I can, manage to fix and/or eat dinner and do a tiny bit of relaxing before my eyes start closing on their own.  The computer is the last thing on my mind most days... I'll try to make a point to post some pictures though.  I haven't even documented my one year old, much less my (now) 13.5 month old.  Bah.


Numero dos.

Now that I have THAT out of my system...
(well, not out of my system, because I'm still knocked up, but, oh well, youknowwhatImean)
  • I'll be having a repeat C-section, so my baby will come in August whether he or she likes it or not.
  • I will spend the summer in a cheap pool from Walmart.  One for Carter and one for me, Mama Whale.
  • I switched doctors for this pregnancy and so far, am very happy with my choice.
  • With Carter, I had no morning sickness, heartburn or even nausea. 
  • This baby, so far, has a knack for the queasy, but I haven't thrown up... yet.
  • It's good though, because I've also only gained like two pounds. 
  • (Where is that belly already?)
  • Carter doesn't know his world is about to be turned upside down.
  • Everyone says it will be fine.  He and the new baby will be best buds.
  • I worry, though.  I tell C all the time that I don't want Carter to be slighted.  I don't want him to ever feel like he's in second place or that we don't have time for him anymore. 
  • He assures me he won't be. 
  • I trust him.  Completely.


ahem. AHEM. Is this thing on?

There iz a baybe in ma belleh.  See?

Due September 2, but we all know how that goes.