End of an era

I discovered Pat Green in the spring of 2002. It was my last semester of college and though my friends didn't understand, roadtripping was a thing of beauty, especially when a dancehall was on the other end. I quickly met more and more people who felt the same way as me and new friends were born. It was my birth, as it were.

Tonight, the era of Pat Green came to an end for me. The PG brand sticker that I had proudly driven 1000s of miles came off. It was bittersweet remembering all those shows- all the good times. It's time, though. I haven't bought Pat's last two albums, nor do I have plans to go see him on his tour with Kenny Chesney. I have great gratitude for the musical door he opened for me, though. Pat led me to Cross Canadian Ragweed who led me to Roger Creager (if you can believe it) and Cory Morrow. From there it was a free for all. Musicians coming out of the woodwork, it seemed. An entire movement that I was lucky enough to be a part of and witness anytime I wanted.

Nacogdoches to Ruston to Dallas to Houston on to San Antone and New Braunfels for Gruene Hall. Stillwater, Fort Worth, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Waco, Seattle and Shreveport. Abilene, Steamboat and Boise, Nashville and Challis. Can't forget Cancun.

It's been a good trip. I may be slowing down, but I'm far from out. I've got a few trips left to take. This past weekend is a perfect example. I managed to go out three nights in a row and lived to tell. Those of you who know me, know I haven't managed that feat in quite a while.

Five bands
Five cds
Three bars
Three cities
585 miles
Four tequila shots

And I did it with no arm twisting what so ever. I'd like to say "I'm back!", but let's face it. I'm worn out. I puked for pete's sake. I'm a fuddy dud and I like it.


matt said...

No arm twisting at all? Sara, I'm impressed. You've got more game than I do, and I'm still supposed to be the young'un. Not quite sure what that means, but, like I said, I'm impressed.

Junie B said...

let's face it. I'm worn out. I puked for pete's sake. I'm a fuddy dud and I like it.

holy crap that made me bust out laughing.

eh, the only time i puke anymore is after a run.

i'm a fuddy duddy too and i like it as well.

i wonder though, will i puke in idaho?

Heather said...

*someone* has to puke in Idaho if Sara isn't going to be there to do it this time! *snort*

And I wish I could have been a witness to your resurrection this past weekend... I miss you.

V said...

I call NOT IT for the puking position in Idaho!

I was so jealous of your weekend, Sara, until I read the puking bit.

I have no room to talk re: going out. Lately, all I seem to leave the house for is Harry Potter-related things.

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of Fuddy McDuddersons.

R.I.P. PG sticker!

sarah said...

you made me smile. that was cute.

i went to a show this weekend and got yelled at for it. so i guess that means i'm in the same boat as all of you...

Courtney said...

Good times. Good memories.

You have to admit, it was pretty awesome that we floated the river (and rode the bus back) with Pat.

That is a memory I will never forget.

Lacy said...

Amen to that Court...
Jess and I were talking about our wilder days last week and how bonfires in the pasture and nights at the bar have turned into keeping each others kids and exciting new recipies for dinner...
Its been so long since I've posted on these things I don't remember my password to sign in. SAD.