I guess that's why they call it the blues..

It's a quiet place here without ol Shiner. This morning, I took him to the vet and it snowballed into him keeping him overnight. He's had the shits for two days- mornings actually. I'll spare the details, but it hasn't been smelling too much like roses around here. His poor little butt's been in a bind! And, to make matters worse, he threw up on the floor of the vet's office. That's what encouraged him to keep him for the day- and then the night. He said he could give me something for his butt- but not unless he quit throwing up, which he didn't. So, I'm worried about my pup- less about his sickness and more about him being all alone tonight, away from home, not in a soft bed and surrounded by other dogs he can't play with. Poor little feller. I've told everyone I know, "If you think you want kids, get a dog first. It'll make you or break you." It's times like these I sure do love and miss his stinky self.

Good thing I haven't bought my ticket for Idaho yet.. I just may be broke by the time I'm done with this vet visit. Since I know I'm going to get questions (and comments) about not buying my ticket, I guess I procrastinated too long because a round trip ticket is now well over $400 for when I want to fly. Last year, my whole trip was about $500. So, I'm depressed and checking flights every day hoping for a sudden drop in prices. I won't give up til the day we're supposed to leave, though! More than anything, I hate all the laughs I'm likely to miss with my best girlfriends, but they'll laugh without me.. and I'll live.

I just talked to the vet, and Mr. Shiner is much better. His bloodwork did show some infection, but he responded well to the medication and his butt is functioning normally. YAY!


Dawn Renee said...

Sara don't worry about Shiner! If it's anything like where I work, he's laying on a fluffy blanket in a quiet cage in the treatment room, not the kennel. Sick animals don't go in the kennel..alas no loud barking, etc! I know he will be fine. I'm thinking about the 2 of you and praying he's 100% in no time! LYMI!

V said...

I'm sad about the Idaho thing. I'm glad your pup is doing better. I hope you find some fantastic deal on the flight in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he's going to be ok! When I had to leave Lacey overnight to be spayed I was a nervous wreck. I cried when I left her. I called the second they opened, the vet hated me. They are our furry kiddos. Dont know what we would do without them.
Love, Amber H.

Jenn said...

I'm sorry Shiner isn't doing well, but I'm sure they're taking good care of him at the vet's office.

Heather said...

My ticket to Idaho cost me $577 and I bought it back in June. It was a definite OUCH this year. I will miss you if you don't go.

I'm glad Shiner is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

i will miss you too my sweet Say-ra!!

thankfully i was able to use my free SW ticket although it means me having to fly 7 hours both coming and going. eh, a layover in Vegas both ways aint so bad ;o)

love you and hope ShinerButt is better soooooooon!

Thomas said...

How is everything else going?