When nothing else will do..

  • There are few things better than loving a man who will hold you're head up even when you can't.
  • I ordered a new toy. Maybe Christmas cards part deaux are coming.
  • Lazy Saturdays rock. When they're followed by a lazy Sunday, that's just icing on the cake.
  • Shhhh secrets and surprises are the hardest to keep quiet. They're equally as exciting and life changing though. (No, I'm not getting married, nor am I pregnant)
  • I've been snorting a lot.. I guess it's a bi-product of my laughing, which I've been doing a lot of. It's "cute", I hear.
  • My entire adult life, I've managed to live without a toothbrush holder. Tonight, I took a leap and bought one. Wouldn't you know the damn thing was too small for my toothbrush?
  • I'm still looking for work.. if I can't find a job, I guess I'll make one for myself. Maybe the new camera will make my pictures perfect and inspire people to pay me lots of money. ha.
  • I think of things to write about all day but my words evaporate as soon as I sit down here. Maybe I need to relocate my desk to a more Zen location. Whatever that means.

What I'm listening to: Jason Isbell, Sirens of the Ditch
What I'm reading: The Joy Diet, Martha Beck


Anonymous said...

Tooth brush holder? You mean so your toothbrush can sit out in the open and catch all of the nasty particles that are in your bathroom air? Eww.

Erica said...

I've never had a toothbrush holder either....I can't imagine how much hairspray my poor toothbrush would collect. Your pictures are already perfect, more people just need to see them! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sara! Thank you for leting me find you. I think you should post pictures. :))

I have no toothbrush holder, but toothbrush cover, like for when traveling... Those work nicely to protect from "nasty particles"

Anonymous said...

psst...Me so happy!!


Well not really, but I'm just sayin'

matt said...

When is Braun Brothers this year? Sadly, I can already tell you I won't be in attendance... job searching and such means my budget's pretty tight. Maybe next year?

Drink a couple extra beers just for me, and if someone ends up on top of a mountain, well, that's just "icing on the cake." :-D

Diane Mandy said...

There you are!

sarah said...

i'm really jealous of your new toy. :(
i havent gotten to play with mine all that much (not even close to yours which is my dream camera, but it's nice nonethless) and i'm just itching for an opportunity!

i got pretty sad when i thought your blog was gone...i'm glad you're still alive.

ps i love you.