For Woodrow

I tried to post last night but blogger was being a little bitch. So, since I got up a little early this morning, why not post now instead of getting to work early?

Last Saturday, C and I fired up the grill and these (along with two chickens not pictured) are the results. Yes, the pork loin was as yummy as it looks. The jalapeno's were hot enough to give me a hint of what hell might be like and inspired me to pray more!

Sunday, we watched "Streets of Laredo" (sequel to Lonesome Dove) and Cold Mountain. That Joey Garza was one crazy mofo and Nicole Kidman has absolutely flawless skin. I'm glad Renee Z. won the Oscar.. she deserved it. Needless to say, I got my fill of killing.. and crying. Ugh.

Yesterday, I had a phone interview for a job in Jacksonville, Tx. It sounds very promising and the interview went very well. For once, my experience IS what they are looking for. I've been invited to tour the plant and will hopefully schedule that soon.

Today, our "big boss" for lack of a better word, is in town. Hopefully he can provide some insight as to what his "vision" is. It's been a long year dangling at the end of the yo-yo.

Tomorrow, C and I are heading to Austin to celebrate our one year anniversary. I'm looking forward to it, mainly just to get out of town. Sweet Dawn is keeping my Shiner for me. I know he'll be in great hands, but I sure will miss the little fella!

Cryptic thought for today:
Some things, no matter what is said or how many times it is addressed, never seem to dissapate. Some things don't have a solution, you just learn to live with it, adjust your life and move on. These same things may surely be the death of me.


Woodrow said...


Were the peppers stuffed with something? I've been wanting to make some of those jalapenos stuffed with that cream cheese stuff.

Sara said...

Yes, the peppers were stuffed with cream cheese.

Diane Mandy said...

Yummy! Good luck with the job!

V said...

Have a great time in Austin.

Jenn said...

that looks really good. I alwasy put a little lemon juice on top right before I throw them on the grill.

Anonymous said...

Hi, please thank Woodrow for leading me here.

So much of what you've written about your professional life resonates with me--It's nice to be in such good company, even if we are flying by the seat of our pants.

I'll keep checking back, and I've got you on my prayer list. Onward and upward. qkoeslua