I finally have time to post and I'm feeling very uninspired. It's FREEZING (literally) outside, there's nothing on tv and I'm not in a good mood.

We made a mad dash to Ft. Worth for NYE and saw Josh Grider and Walt Wilkins. C, of all people, ran into people he knew there. I found Heather her future husband, too... maybe I can get them together soon.

I've got Jury Duty in a week or so. I hope it gets cancelled, but at the same time, it's a day off work. I got a traffic light ticket in the mail a couple of weeks ago. My picture was taken "running a red light" on the day before I left Dallas. Yippee. Watch those cameras, people.

I got very spoiled to only having to work half a day between Christmas Eve and New Years Day. Niiiice. Speaking of Christmas, it was a good one, but I'm equally as glad that it's over. It's the first time I've really felt that way, but I was so glad when the last present was opened! C & I got to spend a LOT of time together, too. He and I were both off at the same time and it spoiled me into thinking what it might be like someday. Iffin'

I wish life was as easy as it appears on tv. Or, maybe there should actually be a show based on real life. Real problems. Real fights. Real make up. Real desire. Real love. Really real.

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