Out with the old...

It's a new month, folks.

I just read June's blog about it and I actually had to look at the calendar to confirm January was indeed gone. I didn't do a year in review for 2007 because, frankly, I'm lazy. But January has certainly been a month. Not in a bad way, just in a... way.

Remember that nothing I was talking about? The nothing was something, but it's nothing again. That's all the details your gonna get for now. There is, however, another something that isn't nothing, but that I can't tell you just yet. I'm such a tease.

It's been a rollercoaster of a month. Mostly up and up and up with a little dip. Enough to make you lose your tummy, but not enough to slow your momentum. Not to say it hasn't been hard, but I Will Survive, ala Gloria Gaynor.

Let's see. What else can I update you with...
  • I have been SICK this week. And by sick, I mean fever, coughing and that lovely stuff that you have the pleasure of coughing up-- IF you're so lucky. I went to the doctor yesterday (which is another story in and of itself) and was diagnosed with bronchitis and a sinus infection. So, I'm on day two of my Z-pack and actually slept the whole night. Monday and Tuesday night, I was up for at least an hour each night trying to bring my fever down. I stayed home from work on Tuesday and went home two hours early on Wednesday. Here's to healing and antibiotics!
  • I owe my old apartment complex $473, which is rent through Dec. 19. The new tenant moved in the next day, lucky me!
  • I'm going to do my taxes this weekend, so hopefully the refund amount will make me smile.
  • My camera should be delivered today. I'll go get it during lunch or maybe I'll leave early.. it just depends on when it comes.
  • I got new cell phone service, a new number and a new phone. I switched from "The New At&t" (Cingular) to Alltel which services East Texas very, very well. I even have a signal in the building at work now! I haven't tried talking on it yet, but I can at least send texts. So, hopefully I'll be more in touch now. If I didn't send you my new number and you need it, email me.

Happy Friday, everyone. What are your plans for Superbowl Sunday, aka the end to the Patriot's perfect season? And please don't misconstrue that statement to mean I'm a Pat's fan. I'm not. I'm sick of Tom Brady and Hoodie and the whole damn cheating organization. But, it is an excuse to drink beer.


Anonymous said...

ok..so why did the apt office send you that huge bill if you only owed through Dec 19..crazy people!

Heather said...

Because they thought they could get away with it. Asses. Ugh.

I'm glad you are feeling better, and getting over your sickness!

I did my taxes the other night, and I am a HAPPY camper. Refund city!

Maybe I should order a new camera too, seeing as mine has been missing the lens cover for a year?

Yay for new phones and being in better touch! :)

Go GIANTS! You don't know how much it PAINS me to say that. And anything for me is an excuse to drink beer! HA!

I heart you.

Junie B said...

GO GIANTS! and yeah, like Heather it pains me to say that, but I am SO over the Pat's.

Sick is no bueno. I've been lucky.

Rollercoasters are fun. At least thats what I keep telling myself. Much more than teeter totters. Personally I'd like something a little less up and down..is there a rollercoaster that just goes up?

Unfortunately for me, the money I would be getting is being deposited with the IRS since apparently I owe them money for some $ I took out that my investment place told me I didnt have to pay on...anyway, its ok, this way I almost have them paid off.


Diane Mandy said...

Here's hoping February is all downhill!

Dawn Renee said...

I too was sick with the same thing right after NYE and it took 2 weeks to get rid of the cough. I'm glad you didn't procrastinate and not go to the doctor :)

As for me, I'm sure you'll get some calls from Mardi Gras in Dallas tonight...maybe even some of my humorous texts :) And hopefully you won't only get cheering. haha The rest of the weekend looks pretty low key!

take care and tell Shiner hi!

Anonymous said...

Alltel is the wireless carrier in Challis!!!! LOL! You must come back with us this year, Sara!