Tweet Tweet

Perhaps you've noticed the new toy I added over on the sidebar. It's from Twitter and I invite you all to give it a whirl. Since I can't text to my blog, I can now *tweet* from my cell phone! You can "follow me" and get my tweets via mobile phone, im or email (I think). I'm sure I will tire of it soon, but I'm currently following Snoop Dogg and Dooce- which is where I heard of it in the first place. So, I'm a big ol copy cat. There, internet- ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!!


V said...

What do you mean you're "currently following Snoop Dogg"?


Sara said...

If you check out the Twitter, you'd know exactly what it means!!!

(It means I can read his tweets on my page)

V said...

Yes ma'am!!

My favorite thing about Snoop Dogg - he appeared on Conan O'Brien one night a few years ago and said he was planning on producing a Cadillac Snoop DeVille

Random, but I find it hilarious