Did you ever know that you're my hero...

Today at work, we had an American Cancer Society balloon release to celebrate and remember those affected by cancer. Sure, I supported the fundraising and sponsored a Relay for Life participant. I bought ten balloons and put my mom's name on five and my dad's name on five. My father, as I've written about before, lost his fight with his throat and lung cancer long ago . My mother, on the other hand, won her battle with breast cancer after extremely early detection and quick action by her doctors and has been cancer free for a little over ten years now. At the release today, there were chairs filled with survivors and there were empty chairs to remember those who did not survive. It's heartbreaking. The number of people, just at this little plant, who have been effected by this awful disease. At times, I'm pretty scared of my own future and wonder just where the cancer will find me. I know that's pretty pessimistic-Paul of me, but it's the truth.

Either way, I'm pretty disappointed with myself for not doing more. There was a lady who spoke who said the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life are her passions. What a wonderful thought! A passion for saving lives. Where was I on that one?

I plan to get more involved. Being on a committee isn't the end of the world. Attending a meeting on a Tuesday night won't kill me. Unfortunatly, cancer might, so I better start getting in good graces with the Lord while I still can. ha.


Anonymous said...

Reason 852 I know that we are long lost sisters. I have the same thoughts about cancer, its not IF, its when and where. I've already had a couple of little scares, so I get it. Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

I work for a non-profit group, and the best thing you can do is donate your time.

They did not pay me to say that.