Since I've divulged my google reader obsession, I thought I'd follow up with some of my favorite new finds. I have lots of photographer blogs that I follow just to gain inspiration, but I won't bore you with those.

  • Confessions of a Pioneer Woman - I'm well aware that I've been missing out since oh, 2006, but I've finally given her a shot and oh my gosh. She is my latest blog crush. Recommended: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels - the story of how she met and fell in love with her husband.
  • Bring the Rain - Nicole first recommended this one to me and it promptly broke my heart. Now, I find inspiration in every post and look forward to it. Recommended: The beginning Oh, and have some kleenex handy.
  • Girl's Gone Child - A pretty irreverant look at motherhood.
  • better now - because it is. I just love that.
  • mackin ink - Diane over at Martinis for Two toasted mackin ink recently and I've been a fan and reader ever since. She's an American living in the Middle East and raising three beautiful girls. Her posts always include great art, too.
  • Matt, Liz and Madeline - Thanks for the heads up, Meg. Liz, Matt's wife, died of a brain anneruism shortly after giving birth to their first child. His words, while simple, really show a great deal of love and heartbreak over now having to raise their first child alone. It's another one I read as quickly as possible. Recommended: If you haven't been here before.

So, there's a few to start with. I love new suggestions though. Feel free to leave one of your favorites in the comments. :) TGIF, everyone.


Unknown said...

I will have ou know that since your divulgence of something so completely incredible, I have gotten NOTHING done at work... that little tab pops up with a number in the parenthesis and I have to run right over and read everything...

I have one clarvoyant thought... and I think I will end up getting less and less sleep, as I'll be working longer hours (salary... no bonus or overtime!), and staying up later just to read eveything that shows up on my damn google reader...

seriously, GREAT find!!!

karey m. said...

wow! it's always a nice surprise to find people who read my goofy blog!

like a needle in a haystack...but i'm grateful for your words.

when you do nice things for people you don't even know {and you don't even tell them about it!}, it's a true testament of your kindness.

i appreciate that. and i'm bookmarking this space!

Sheila said...

I lurve the pioneer woman! She had the best recipes and photography tips.. all in one site!

NicoleC said...

I don't need anymore blog addictions!!! But Pioneer Woman has me hooked.

StephanieG said...

I have re-found Pioneer Woman! I knew I'd seen it before but never bookmarked it. Thanks for the recommendations sara!!

I love finding new reads.

StephanieG said...

yes, it's me...back again

i'm just not worthy for you reconnecting me with pioneer woman...seriously!!! at 11:45 last night i finally finished the love story. *tear*

so thanks again!!

your double-posting-dorky-thankful-friend,

Diane Mandy said...

I'm so glad you like karey m over at Mackin Ink!

Thanks for some new recommendations!

Sara said...

Karey - the pleasure is all mine.

Steph - you are most welcome, silly girl! I'm glad I could brighten you day (or night!).

Diane - I just looked and I have 108 subscriptions. Goodness!!

Anonymous said...

Dang it , Sara! Pioneer Woman has kept me up reading until 2am the past two nights!!! Just finished reading the whole story, thanks for the link!