After spending Saturday and Sunday watching the Rangers lose and win, respectively, I feel a great sense of pride while reading this article. These two guys are misfits in every sense of the word. The angry black man and the tattooed, recovering drug addict. But, they're also two of Texas' greatest assets and they're first time American League All-Stars. Watch for Hamilton during the HomeRun Derby tonight... I'm hoping for a show. And Bradley? Yes, his attitude aggravates me. It ticks me off when he slings his bat into the stands. But, the guy's got talent. Take a moment to read the article... it's not half bad.


NicoleC said...


Woodrow said...

You were at the Ranger's game on Saturday? Because I was at the Ranger's game on Saturday and you didn't even say hi. And didn't you think he was safe? I've been looking for a replay.

Sara said...

Me? You!

And yes, I think he was safe, too. I think I could rant for days about the problems with the Rangers organization. Topping my list at the moment? CJ effing Wilson.

Junie B said...

um. who cares Sara?

are you going to spill it or WHAT?