I'm ok, I'm alright.... Carry on.

C & I watched Edge of Darkness this weekend.  In the first five minutes of the movie, the main character's adult daughter is shot and killed on his front porch, in his arms.  As we watched the grief unfold, I became aware that I was holding my breathe.  The ache.... oh the ache.  For those without kids, I'll never be able to explain it.  We both commented that watching shows where people lose children is 100 times worse now that we have one.  My thoughts kept drifting to that angel sleeping in his bed and how my life would never be the way it used to be.  I think my words were, "If that happened to me, I would fall down dead right next to him.  Dead."  But, I know that's not true.  I cannot begin to imagine how I could ever think about living again. 


I love this:
This is a creature on fire with love, but it's still scary since most people think love only looks like one thing, instead of the whole world.

The end must be near, pigs must be flying and hell must feel a little bit chilly this morning because I HAVE A FACEBOOK.  I'm not posting the link, nor am I friending every person I've ever known and their dog. 

So.  Anyway.


kate reymann said...

I cannot cannot cannot watch movies where bad things happen to children. I cannot breath it is so terrifying now that I have a kid so I can completely relate.

Congrats on the second boy by the way!

Gabrielle said...

Robert & I feel the same way. I have to fast forward or walk out of the room until that sad portion of a show is over.

Gabrielle said...

I think I've seen those pigs flying! LOL