35 weeks

I think we're doing alright here at 35 weeks.  I've slowed down a lot and my husband picks up a ton of slack.  But, all in all, I'm ok. 

Carter is almost 19 months old.... unbelievable.  He's grown so much and is such a big boy.  I'm so proud and just a little bit smitten.  I sure hope Small Fry measures up!


Cristal said...

Lookin' good, Sara! Can't wait to see your new boy!!!

kathyvig said...

You look so beautiful and so happy!!!

Anonymous said...

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debbie said...

sara.. you look great and carter is just precious !!! i cant believe you and cristal are all grown up with such sweet little blessings...and your mom and i are very proud of you both...congrats..i will check back for baby pics...