Cooper's Here!

So, a little over a week ago, I was bitching about being 40 weeks pregnant.  Not for long though.  Cooper Ryan arrived on September 02, 2010 (90210, for those of you playing along) at 1:20pm.  He was 7lbs 5oz and 19 inches of pure perfection. He wasn't even breech like he'd been the whole pregnancy... somehow he'd turned and I hadn't noticed.  Apparently, he got a big gulp of fluid in his lungs right before he came out and was having a little trouble "transitioning" to oxygen, so he had to spend several hours in the NICU for observation.  His breathing was very rapid, but he quickly go the hang of it.  When the nurse brought him to me (around 6pm), she said, "He's VERY awake and VERY hungry!"  He was already chewing on his little hands like a feign.  Lucky for me, he nursed like a champ from the word go and has NO signs of tongue tie.  Yayyyyy!  On Friday, they told me that he was Coombs positive, which meant that some of my blood (O+) and his blood (A+) had mixed so he had a touch of jaundice while his body filtered out my blood cells.  So, we had to do some photo-therapy, but only Friday night.  It was still a long night because he couldn't rest in there- no swaddling and no nursing, so a kind nurse gave us a pacifier which helped a ton. 

He is a completely different newborn than Carter was.  He actually sleeps and eats the way a typical newborn should-- a lot!  Carter was so hungry from not being able to nurse that he never rested.  Poor baby.  Cooper is, knock on wood, easy. 

Here are some pictures from the day. Yes, I put on makeup and fixed my hair before surgery.  I refused to look like poo on my big day.

40 weeks
What I really felt like

In surgery.  Very serious stuff.
Cooper Ryan - mind the modesty patch.

A little bili-light on those perfect piggies.  
Look!  I haz BAY-BEE!
Pure perfection.  What a blessing!


Heather said...

I love these pictures! :)

Congrats, Mama! I am so glad you are having an easier go of it this time around. Can't wait to meet the newest member of the Bagley family in person and kiss his little cheeks!

Kitty Deschanel said...

Yaaay! Congrats to you and your super-cute (and modest!) new baby! I love all the humor you packed into this post :)

Kayce said...

What a cutie pie!!! CONGRATS!!!

Cristal said...

Wow- You look fantastic, Sara! And he is PERFECT! Does he look like baby Carter? I can't remember. And I can't wait to hear how Carter is reacting to his new brother.

Congrats again!

Gabrielle said...

So happy for you all!!!