My blue eyed baby

What a difference in just 17 short weeks.

Doesn't hurt that mama got a new lens for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

These are stunning, Sara! Do you notice a big difference in picture quality with the 1.4 vs the 1.8? Do tell.

He's a gorgeous boy!

aina said...

your baby is cute ^.^

Sara said...


My mother-in-law broke my 1.8 LAST Christmas. Clint pieced it back together and it worked for a few months, but Carter knocked my camera off the table one day and the lense was history. So, I got the 35mm 1.8 for my birthday and have been using it the latter half of the year. I didn't realize how much I missed my 50 until I got the new one.

As far as noticing a difference, I think it's MUCH sharper and skin is almost creamy. I'm loving playing with the settings, but so far so good. I'm sure the difference isn't as dramatic as I make it sound, but since I've been without a 50 for so long, I'm in LOVE.