Food for thought.

I was listening to an interview this morning with this guy and the interviewer asked him about "chocolate cake and four letter words". This is what he said- as repeated by me.

Think about a Ho-Ho and a piece of chocolate cake. They're both chocolate, but the Ho-Ho is light and fluffy but lacking much substance. It's filled with artificial things that offer no nutritional value.

Now think about a piece of chocolate cake.

It's rich and thick and full of goodness. It's got real ingredients- things with substance.

I think that's how a person's life should be- like chocolate cake. Sure, Ho-Ho's are a great snack, but if you really want something to remember- it's always the cake. Thick and rich and wonderful.

Chew on that. I did... and it was good.


Anonymous said...

I'm the biggest piece of rich, thick chocolate cake forever.

Take that Ho-Ho in Washington.

Anonymous said...

i didnt mean forever. I meant thickest cake EVER. :)

Sara said...

*snicker* @ "Ho-Ho in Washington"!

Gabrielle said...

I like Ho-Hos but I LOVE CHOCOLATE cake!!!! Yummy!

Diane Mandy said...

I wish I could chew on either right now, but I can't. D-I-E-T!! :-)

NicoleC said...

Hahahaha! "Ho-Ho in Washington". HAHAHAHA!