Four more days, people.

We each have a birthday, one time every year
Sometimes they are happy, and sometimes there are tears

But the best I can remember, the best of them I know
Tre the ones that I remember, full of cake, love and bows

-Donna Childree Gotlib

Mere days til I'm 28. Time is flying. Things are changing. I want to put on the brakes yet speed up all at the same time. I could say that it's no big deal- it's just a day like all the rest- but that would be a lie. I love my birthday. I love being celebrated for one single day every year. And this 28th year of my life promises to be the best yet... let's hope the follow through does not disappoint.

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Anonymous said...

Just wait. It will only fly faster and faster.

I hope your birthday is wonderful!!!!

Needless to say I am just forgetting its my birthday month. In my 40 some odd years this is the FIRST time ever I have hated this month.