Goodbye July

It's 11:11am, make a wish. It's actually 11:16am now, but whatever. It was a good thought at the time.

I'm moved to our new house. What a wonderful thing to say. He and I moved most of his big things yesterday, so now he just has to pack the rest of the house. I wonder if I can get out of helping since I packed mine all by myself. Yeah. I bet.

I need about three weeks off to fully get this house in working order... but then, what are the next 30 years for? Still, we will pack as much work into our waking, non-working hours that we can, I'm certain.

Yesterday, we went to Lowe's twice in one day to buy such things as a new showerhead, replacement switchplates, a replacement toilet fill valve and flapper, a sprinkler head, and plumbers putty. OH! And a garbage disposal. Did you hear that? That clouds just parted and the angels sang. Garbage disposal, how I plan to love thee fully and completely.

Busy week at work + one hour commutes each way make for a tired girl. But, I have a new house to come home to... wonder when that will get old. Never sounds good to me.

Now taking recipes for pears and figs. Also taking bets on how long my evolution into Suzy Homemaker will take.

It's now 11:25am. Goodbye morning...


NicoleC said...

It will NEVER get old.
And I have a GREAT salad recipe with pears and BLUE CHEESE-perfection, I say.
And I'll get my grandma's recipe for figs and share it with you, if I can have a few jars! Fig sandwiches make me think of dinner with my Pawpaw since I'm the only one that will eat them with him.

Renee said...

Just in case Meg forgets to mention it, when using a garbage disposal, you're not supposed to cram it full of food and then just turn it on. You should be running hot water when you do it... Ha ha! ;o)

Congrats on being done with the move - let the excitement begin!

And I'll second Nicole's comment... going home, no matter what the commute, never gets old!

Sara said...

No worries, I am quite efficient in the ways of the garbage disposal. *sigh* It's wonderful having a handy man.

NicoleC said...


NicoleC said...


But I'll still get my grandma's recipe.

Anonymous said...

I have a great recipe for figs and goat cheese but, well, nevermind...

sarah said...

look at you being all grown up and getting married and buying houses and all other sorts of things.

and i'm SO happy that you're so happy. yay!