New year, new look

  • There's nothing better than a little change. Don't you agree?
  • This evening, C and I are driving to Galveston for the weekend. It's not as good as Mexico, but it's as close as we're going to get this weekend. I know it's a dirty beach, but the hotel has a great pool.
  • I feel sorry for the people who will have to see me in a swim suit this weekend. I apologizein advance.
  • I received my first gift this morning from a co-worker. Lunch is at noon. Yay!
  • My drivers license expires Sunday. I could renew online, but Lord I need a new picture. Does anyone remember me having long hair? Yeah, it was awful.
  • Did I tell you I made C a ringtone of a donkey braying ? He thinks that's the best sound in the world - well, maybe not the best, but it makes me laugh everytime he hears one. I have it set as his ringer when he calls me, which prompts me to answer the phone "Hello, Don-key!"
  • We're looking at two houses on Monday- with an actual realtor. Yippee!!!!
  • Oh, and I'm taking Monday off. I don't have any reason why, pretty much just because I can.
  • Happy Graduation, Little Sarah. I promise I'm going to get something wonderful in the mail to you. Or maybe money, which is also wonderful.
  • TGIF, internet.


Tracey said...

Love the new look!

Happy early Birthday!

V said...

I hope you and C have fun in Galveston!

I love the new layout.

Anonymous said...

Happy Day sweet friend...xoxoxo...slm

Diane Mandy said...

Great color choices! Love the new look!

StephanieG said...

Hope Galveston was fun.
Happy Belated Birthday!
Love the new look.
YAY for house hunting!

ok, I think I'm caught up now :-)

Unknown said...

ohhh la la! new look is very classy...

hope Galveston was nice to you!